perjantai 22. syyskuuta 2017

Chester Bennington, R.I.P.

I was never a huge fan, I always found it sort of funny to hear Linking Park songs. It was always fun to mock a little bit... But I had respect for the guy. He was an honest vocalist who worked with passion.

I am shocked to see, that I am actually shocked to hear, that he died two months ago (suicide) and I somehow missed it... I never was a huge fan, only bought one album with 2€s as a joke... But nonetheless, he was some sort of a constant that was there for almost 20 years doing his thing... and made me smile with his passion and with younger people who vibed with him from the cores of their souls. Furthermore, I realize that I never switched the radio station when his songs were played. I always listened until the end -- even if I was "too cool" to like his music (publicly).

The tragic part of the story is that it is difficult to be more successful as an artist than he was, but that was not enough. It is very tragic when somebody who is at the top of their game, in many ways among the best in their field, and they don't find satisfaction in what they are doing or with the social lives they have. When you have millions of dollars which you've made with your own hard work with friends who have been there with you for 20+ years, and you still end up ending your life, that is super sad. Mr. Bennington's childhood was tough and difficult, yet he made it to the top nonetheless, which just underscores the emotional impact of his story.

If there is a great beyond, I hope he and everybody else in similar situations, find their peace. He suffered from depression his whole life and as someone who got out of their's, I can empathize. Maybe that's the reason I am now shocked myself. Depression is a bitch, if it gets you, just remember that nothing lasts forever. Nothing, not even depression (although it really feels like it will never end).

Indeed... I did not expect that this would so move me. As I said I was never a fan, I did not know him... But I do feel for people who overcome adversity and make something out of themselves. I respect that, and it is shocking that the collapse can come years after the traumas happened. Even if I did not care much for Linking Park's music, I do nonetheless recognize that Rock History suffered a loss on 20th of July 2017. Bennington's memorial concert will be held soon. There will be many big names from many bands that I did like from the same era.

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