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Post-doc in search of a home / funding

I am a post-doctoral researcher with two master's degrees and a PhD. I have graduated with best grades every time.

I have many good ideas and I have published in peer reviewed journals. I have published true fully randomized experiments, personality psychology and some publications classified under clinical psychology or gambling studies.  I have also published qualitative articles and I have an H-index of 4. I understand how emotions and rational decision-making happen.

I have another 6 articles under peer review or in preparation at the moment. I know how to program computer games with pygame, and I have programmed my own machine learning algorithms, I have created my own experiment programming software and I know fairly advanced statistics from neural networks to structural equation models. I have taught the basics of evolutionary psychology (and other courses) at University of Helsinki since 2009. I am collaborating with demographers, sociologists and cognitive scientists almost on daily basis.

However, I have a problem. Nobody wants to give me funding for my great ideas. And I don't have any official postdoc position anywhere. I am working with my own grant for another few months.

I am articulate, creative, very smart and brave. I am constantly helping people around me, my colleagues like me and I am working hard everyday to try to get my research project (Moralities of Intelligent Machines) off the ground. Notwithstanding, things seem to be failing at the moment... All my grant applications have been rejected and my mental and physical resources are starting to run lowish. If something does not change soon, I need to shift gears and do something else with my life. I do also have a very skilled team of people (6 talented young researchers) who would be more than willing to work with me.

If you could help me out or know somebody who could help me get my research off the ground, please send me a message through the comment box. I do also welcome any suggestions to get a possible postdoc researcher positions at any sensible university.

You can see my public performances from this blog post.

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