perjantai 7. lokakuuta 2011

Snow flake of glass

Held between the paws
Torn already by paper cuts
Hi-lighted by pulsating
Drips of red running crust

Moment of oxygen molecules
Pushed out of the way of
The crystalline blades
That cut only the surfaces
Of the grains of wooden

Traced by a misty slow trail
of haemoglobin flakes making
Their statements and intentions
Bent by rugosity

Arms of the stars enticing to
Think about injured interfaces
Between the body and its
Surroundings -- Virtual breaches
Of secluded zones of comfort

Moments of surprise induced clarity
Satoris of future moments of dominance
And submission

Of punctured skin
Of taste of rust

Mixed with the ocean of sinus waves
Composed of binary digits
Approximation is enough
To reach an end

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