maanantai 13. kesäkuuta 2011


Dimming halo of an ashed poem

Shutting down of the boot sequence

The last electron to escape the cord

Final breath of the recycle of life

No more hope

No more tears

No more future

No more reasons

To continue

To care

For self delusions

For betrayal and anger

Then suddenly the Christian

Symbol of scepticism and

Doubt separating the two

Sparks of life, matter and

Anti-matter, dies away

Suddenly the chasmic rift

Between the male and the female

Dies away and is removed

Unification of the opposites gives

A spark for the new life

New thread woven from two

Coils of life -- Caduceus

Ignition of the first hertz

Coincidentia oppositorum

Foucault's pendulum has to


Re-motivation for the reanimation

The direction of the pendulum's

Swing becomes a roar beneath the


A scream

A song

Echo of Om

A Synchronised orgasm

Extreme impossibility in the

Sequences of broken eggs

For two

to break



Yet, it has to happen

Phoenix spreads its wings

And the fire burns once

Again -- this time forever

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