torstai 19. toukokuuta 2011

The Right Choice and Decision

This is the way to bake a cake

Feeling of being in control is fake

The spark of being exists for the sake

Of dark Entropy by pushing the cart late

Into the realms of chemistries of the Seid

Metaphorical crossroads

Allegorical turn of the events

Euphemistic crumbling of cookies

Zero derivative of the Parabol(a)

None of them really matters

Tautology reigns over repetition

Replication of the things to exact

Does not make them retract

But merely, again, for the same to enact

Should this be something that will redact?

No ghosts

No quantum randomness in a swing

Nothing to bypass the determinism

No real choice

No, not really a decision

But a culmination of events in a world

We can not even understand the hurdle

We worry

We mull over

We get anxious

For what

For who

For there is no one there

For the ghost is powerless

Four lines to state the obvious

Obzen perspective

For worry is preposterous

Nobody understands what is going on

Yet, ghosts are proposed to act

To excerpt power over matter

To arrive

To conclude

To reselve

To resolve

To re-evolve

To revolve

To involve

Closed calculations

Done with incomplete information

Resolutions already reached

Teachings already teached

Occluded by the shadowed

Future is leached

Future is reached

Breached only post-hoc

Who become post-doc

Those who shock

It is you who will rock

The cradle of humanity

Prevent it from becoming

A block in it the Gaia's